Birds of Europe
Wall Chart in the format 50x70 cm(Sold out). Postcard in A4-format

For millennia, birds have found their way into human culture and expression. In Spain and southern France, 8000-year-old cave paintings depict eagles, ravens, cranes, and wild ducks. Preserved inside Egyptian pyramids, 4000-year-old fresco paintings portray species of birds common in Europe today. The significance of birds is also reflected in myth and legend, where birds appear as omens of war, death, or changes in the weather. There are about 9000 known bird species on Earth.

The selection of our feathered friends can help you visually identify 90 of the most common birds in Europe. As German ornithologist Alfred Brehm remarked in 1874, "It is easy to recognize the bird by its feathers."

The bird illustrations in the wall chart and the postcard are drawn from consultation with ornithological experts.
We believe the poster and the postcard to be nice gifts and also contribute to a better knowledge about birds. You do not only learn from the poster, it is also beautiful to hang on your wall. Perhaps framed?

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